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How to retrieve RAW json only and save it as a file

  • 16 August 2022
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I’m struggeling a bit.  I want to built a quick en temporary fix to send some order data from Magento in a .json file to an employee.  It’s being triggered by a parser and a date sent in a email.  So far so good. 

But I can’t seem to just get the raw JSON data only.  Zapier automatically makes it pretty/parse it into items. I however just want the whole raw output (just like you would get it in Postman) and save that into a file.  Is this possible and how do I do this? 

So to be clear I would like to only see this


And thus only have one  “field” to pick when saving data to the file instead of what is happening now (See below, which is missing formatting also):

So in my use case I would only see one selection here: raw json, which contains all the data.

Is this possible? 


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3 replies

I already figured it out after some more searching. 

You need two zaps, as told here: 


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If you can, use this Zap trigger: Webhook - Catch Raw Hook



If you can, use this Zap trigger: Webhook - Catch Raw Hook


It’s not enough to just use this.  You two zaps as far as I can see: 

One zap that has a trigger to make a GET API call 

And second Zap that is the catch raw hook trigger which you then can use to do further actions such as saving to a text file.

Or am I wrong? 

But at this moment I’m already having trouble with the 2MB max limit unfortunually.