How to insert text into a new page in a Google Docs using Zapier?

  • 23 November 2023
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Hello, I am trying to insert text into a Google Doc on a new page. Tried all types of html code for page break, but doesn’t work… Saw this topic: 

 and wanted to know how can I set up the API request? My document is dynamic (I don’t know how long it will be), so splitting before the end wouldn’t work unless there is a tool/app that can split the text based on criteria, like some symbols or stuff that I can add to the end…


Any help would be great, thank you in advance!

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6 replies

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Hi @Visa Geeza 

Good question.

Try using this Zap action: GDocs - App Extensions

There is an AI assistant to help configure the action.


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Hello, Troy,


Thank you very much for your answer! I tried, but it doesn’t seem to work correctly… Let me elaborate:


I added a new Extension, I select the second one (circled in red)

Then this comes up:


After I save and go back to the editor, this is the step I get:

I put in the desired Document ID, but I have no idea what to put in index. I am guessing it is the page, but as I mentioned I have no idea how long the document is…


In the AI I tried to put “insert page break at the end of the document” and I get this created:

After saving and going to the editor, again I have to put the index in and again it doesn’t create it on the bottom of the document…


Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance :)

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@Visa Geeza 

You may need to add another GDoc API step to find the length of the document to get the index #.

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Hey Troy,


Thank you for answering! I created another step and with AI generated this:



This is the step in the editor:


When I test it I get this:


From what I understood, the doc has to be converted to JSON? Any help is greatly appreciated :)



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@Visa Geeza 

The 400 error code means an invalid API request.

The message indicates the received JSON was invalid.

You may have to try adjusting the app extension or using a different GDoc API endpoint.


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Hey Troy,


I tried using EndOfSegmentIndex; findText, everything that it came up with and I still get the 400 error… The only thing that works is InsertPageBreak, but I need to find the index… Really need some help...