How to get reel post id (Facebook Pages)

  • 27 October 2023
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Hello everyone,

I'm working on an automation scenario that allows you to post on these networks:

  • Instagram For Business
  • LinkeDin
  • Facebook Pages.

I then retrieve the post id from the relevant network to use it later (to send an email, for example)

For LinkedIn, it was easy because when I create a post, I receive the full URL of the post directly:


For Instagram, it's become a little more complicated:


But I finally managed to retrieve the post ID using the API :


So now it works for Instagram.

For Facebook, I wonder how to do it.
I know the request will be pretty much the same since Facebook = Instagram, but Zapier doesn't offer the "API Request" module.

Could I use a Webhook to make a request to the Facebook API to retrieve the post ID link I'm interested in?



Thanks in advance !


Mediapole company

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1 reply

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Hello everybody,

Someone have an idea please ?


Thanks in avance,