How to convert my zap to a webhook?

  • 2 September 2022
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I am very new to this stuff so bare with me…

I have been talking with Zapier Help Desk and they say for me not to use my Zap I created but instead use a Webhook to do what I need to be done so it will work 100% of the time and not 75% like present when using a Zap. How do you convert a zap to a webhook? I tried to re create a webhook to do what my Zap does but don’t see the same options. (I think I'm over my head on this but it can’t be that hard….right?)

What I want to accomplish is: When an appointment is booked in my google calendar via Koalendar I want my gmail to send out an email 30min after the appointment has ended to the person that booked the appointment. (When they book I get their name and email, day and time start and ended. It was easy with Zap but Webhooks has lost me.

Thanks in advance to any info. Cheers

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Hey @StressLess!

I’ve never heard of Koalendar (love the name!) but I found something that should help:

On that page you’ll see this image:


What you put there is the webhook URL that you get when you use this as a trigger to your Zap:


Once you do that, you’ll want to send a test to your Zap by creating an event via the booking page that you’ve set this up on. When you test the Webhooks by Zapier step you should see that data.

If you’d like to only run the Zap when someone has created an event, you should add a Filter step after your trigger and make sure that type is this one:


Then you’d set up the rest of your Zap:

Delay by Zapier: Delay until the date of the event then add 30 minutes to it (see here for more info)
Gmail: Send the email with the information provided by the Koalendar webhook.

Hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions :)