Help! Populating DATA from into a Webhook

  • 5 May 2024
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Ok forgive me, i’m a total noob. So I might flub a little on the lingo. Follow me if you can.

I’m a magician out of vegas, and I’m trying to automate my responses (effectively, this is a service that connects ‘service providers’ to those who need the service.)

I’m using a flow through zapier → make → gohighlevel to send myself a text message whenever a new lead comes in.

In order to send the info to make, i need to populate the info into a webhook. I THINK i’ve got that part figure out, URL and all… but my bark data is not populating into the webhook data… pictures below.


In the first photo, you can see the that this person Jono has populated the data from the bark request. Under data it says first_name, and if you scroll down, there’s more.

In the second photo, mine, you can see that that data does not show up. 

Here is the video from JONO that i’m trying to follow.

I can’t seem to find the issue, can anyone help?



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1 reply

for some reason the second photo with my stuff didnt make it into the OP. Here it is