Getting error when updating a record in my last step: Object of type LazyFile is not JSON serializable

  • 8 June 2022
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So I created a webhook Zap that adds an invoice attachment to Airtable. This original zap works fine. I wanted this zap to do the same thing in two other tables in the same base so I copied this Zap twice. I set up everything the exact same as my original Zap just in another table. Yet I keep getting this message when I try to update a record in my last step:

Object of type LazyFile is not JSON serializable


I’m not even sure what this means or why it is doing this when the Zaps are the exact same other than the location it is locating and updating records. If anyone can give me some advice to figure out why this isn’t working that would be greatly appreciated. 

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3 replies

Well even though it didn’t work in the test the zap is running now that it is on and is working just fine.

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Hi @aellc 

Glad to hear it is working fine! Zapier generally only holds onto files for so long so if you copied the zaps and were dealing with old data from a trigger that file might not have been accessible anymore. 

So I remapped this Zap to a new table we will be switching everything over to and it is now broken again and will not work. Same problem as before. I am using new test data. It does not want to add this attachment to our invoice attachment field on Airtable. Can someone please explain to me what this message means?