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So I had a question about making a GET call in Zapier. I’ve been trying to collect information sending out a GET call, but it doesn’t seem to return all of the information. I’ve been testing it out using other software like e.g. python, and then I do get all the information needed. Here some screenshots as example:


You see the 2 ID’s i want to collect at the end. I’ve tried playing around with the options (like unflattening, custom request, etc), but that doesn’t seem to change anything.


Here you see the response body I get, filtering for the ID’s:

Now if I use another program or tool, I do get the the output of both ID 6139 and 6129. Does anyone know what’s the cause of this and how I can solve it?


Let me know!

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Hi @AutoGrowth 

Good question.

That will depend on the documentation for the API endpoint you are trying to use.

Can you share a link to that?

Hi @Troy Tessalone ,


Thanks for helping out! It’s a private link, but this is what the documentation says



GET /api/external/machines

Implementation Notes

This call returns all machines for the customer including address info, machine ID's and price regions. Add ID’s to specify a certain range of machines. E.g. /api/external/machines/1234,5678

Response Class (Status 200)



Machine {

Id (integer, optional),

Name (string, optional),

Customer (Customer, optional),

PriceRegion (CustomerPriceRegion, optional),

Location (string, optional),

Latitude (number, optional),

Longitude (number, optional),

City (string, optional),

Country (string, optional),

Email (string, optional),

Phone (string, optional)

Customer {

Id (integer, optional),

Name (string, optional)

CustomerPriceRegion {

Id (integer, optional),

Name (string, optional),

Currency (string, optional),

Vat (number, optional)


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Interesting.. I would bet Zapier is scrubbing the url/validating it and removing the second id. 

Have you tried to make a request in the code block? Either using python or javascript?

if javascript code, a simple fetch statement (assuming no headers need to be sent) like:

let response = await fetch(url)
let data = await response.json()

return data

Another thing that could be happening.. does the api return an array of objects?