Error when trying to send a person to webhook through LinkedIn Helper to Zoho CRM

  • 12 April 2021
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Hey :]

Im getting the following error:

{ "code": 870030, "message": "Sending person to Webhook failed\n Webhook request failed. Status is not 200\n ", "name": "SendPersonToWebhook.SendingDataFailed" }

in LinkedIn Helper after trying “Send person to webhook”, I tried looking up that error but didnt find any helpful information. Im trying to send lead details from LinkedIn Helper to Zoho CRM through Zapier.


2 replies

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Hi there @Shaked Samocha - I saw that you’re in contact with our Support team with using Klenty & Zoho CRM. Is this part of the same issue you are trying to resolve when you receive a LinkedIn email that didn’t work via webhook? Let me know!

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Hey @Shaked Samocha,

Just circling back in here to check whether you saw Steph’s reply. Were you able to get rid of that error?

Please let us know!