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  • 2 September 2022
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Im trying to reverse words in Zapier. For example "word"-->"drow".

I already looked for an app which I can connect with Zapier, however I didn't found something. Maybe someone else knows something?

From my understanding, this can be also done by Code (Javascript or Python). Due to the fact that I have not really knowledge about coding and the app code by Zapier.

I tried this already, but it looks like that I'm making mistakes. Here is an example picture I tried. zapier testauction network

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2 replies

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Code will be your best bet. Try the below, mapping the value for your word in the input data where the screenshot shows ‘test_word’

let original = inputData.word;
let reversed = "";

for (var i=original.length;i>0;i--) {
reversed += original[i-1]

return {original,reversed}



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@GetUWired that’s awesome! There’s definitely a place for code, and this is one of them :) 

Thanks for sharing!