Date format step seems to hardcode date/time

I have a 3 step Zap

  1. Listen to a request and intercept the details
  2. Obtain epoch date/time from one of the attributed in step 1
  3. Add a date formatter to convert epoch time from step 2 to ISO8601 format. This saves it to param called output
  4. Pass that date to a custom PATCH request in json body that posts to another endpoint ex: {started_at:”<output>”)

Actual results : It appears to pass exactly the same date/time ISO combination . Any additional configuration needed so that json body receives latest date/time and is dynamic

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Hi @love_webhooks 

For us to have more context, post screenshots with how your Zap steps are outlined and configured in EDIT mode.


Thanks @Troy Tessalone . Attaching screenshots

Screenshot for Zap workflow

Screenshot for Zap workflow
Screenshot for Step 2 (Date formatter)

Screenshot for Referring to the output variable in json body


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The Timestamp variable value and From Format are different.

The Updated At timestamp value is in nanoseconds.

You may first have to do math to get it into UNIX seconds format.

Formatter > Numbers > Perform Math Operation