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Custom webhook: Content-Length and Host headers

  • 9 March 2021
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Looks like Custom request webhook does not automatically include “Content-Length” and/or “Host” headers. However, when I use GET/POST or PUT request (not custom request), looks like the headers are included, but I cannot use them as I need custom request body because I am working with GraphQL API.


How do I add “Content-Length” and/or “Host” headers to “Custom request” Webhook?





Best answer by Troy Tessalone 9 March 2021, 16:15

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5 replies

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Hi @turis 

Try using the Headers section at the bottom of the Webhooks action step


What values should I put there?

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Hi @turis 

That’s generally indicated by the API you’re sending data to.

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Also I’ve used POST request with Graph QL before, not via the Custom Method option.

Example with


Thanks! The problem was that the GraphQL queries should always contain “query” and “variables” fields on the top level, I didn’t know that so the request was malformed. The `Content-Length` and `Host` belong to the headers that cannot be modified and are added automatically by the client (according to fetch standard:


Thanks again for your answers, this thread can be closed.