Custom MySQL insert alternative (replace into)

  • 1 September 2023
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Rather simple - most DBs allow an UPSERT or REPLACE command. 

It is insert if not found or update if found.

It is rather bothersome that Zapier has not added such a simple action and instead advices using a search and path type of workflow. Why in the world would one want to use 3-4 tasks to do what a single SQL statement can do in ANY modern DBMS? 

I assume it is because allowing an UPSERT (REPLACE INTO)  uses only 1 tasks and  SELECT (search) → PATH → INSERT or UPDATE takes 3 tasks instead of 1.  

REPLACE INTO please!!!!

Or at least allow us to write a custom Query.  The Custom Search query will not work because an update or insert does not “return” a row and therefore generates an error. 

This is bare bone basic SQL - come on Zapier - at least provide basic SQL functionality.

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4 replies

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Hi @NoLogic 

Best to submit feedback and feature request via a ticket to Zapier Support to be properly logged:

That is a fools errand and we both know it. 

1- Public eyes and conversations move needles. Feedback and “feature requests” are a bottomless pits, not even needle in a haystack hopes.

2 - Zapier sells tasks and their way takes, at a minimum 3x the tasks (read costs 3 times as much per record), compared to the accepted SQL method. 

3- This is a SIMPLE sql action that is literally an exact copy of INSERT with the word changed to REPLACE. It would take likely take a Zapier dev no more than a few minutes to copy, edit, test and publish the new action… but see point #2 and then consider point #1 to ice the cake. 


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Many Zap apps have Find else Create logic.



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For context, there is no UPSERT Zap action for Airtable, altho the Airtable API supports it: