Creating an array from a GET webhook response nested json

  • 13 October 2021
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Hi I need help to create an array from the webhook response in nested json. When I do a webhook GET I get this:


 But all the data is appearing in single lines seperated by commas



I want to be able to have Records Qr Code and Records ID in an array and to be able to search the data in the QR codes and find the corresponding records ID. I have tried number of examples dealing with nested arrays with no luck, I saw @ikbelkirasan helped out in similar cases, so, I appreciate very much if you can help me out here as well. Thank you!



2 replies

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Hi @colombo 

The data returned from the webhooks is already in an array format (aka line items).

Help article about using Line Items in Zaps:

Perhaps you can outline a specific example of what you’re trying to do with the array data for us to better understand, evaluate, and advise on your use case.

Hi Troy,


Thank you for the reply and the advice. My problem is like this,


I am connecting to Adalo collection and downloading the data. When I test is, what I get is like this:



So, I have record number 1, which has an id 162 and a QR code ending with 438996 and a bunch of other data. Now I want to search these records for a specific QR code and find its corresponding data. Lets say, this one, xx-438996. So, when I go to filter data zip, this is what I get:


All the qr codes are bunched together separated by a comma and treated as one field. same goes for all the other fields. all the records in each field is bunched together separated by commas. So, I cannot relate between individual records, like how Zapier usually works with data. How I want this to work is, like how it usually works in Zapier, it will give me the Records QR code and it will show me the one QR code from that record and all other corresponding data of that record in one record. For example, like this, in another set of data I have inside Zapier which is organized correctly.


Hope I managed to explain it clearly enough… Pls let me know what you think and appreciate the help!


Best. Colombo