Converting a payment array to readable text

  • 28 November 2023
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I am trying to format this to readable text from my Jotform submission into my Shipday orders. I only want the highlighted product, amount, options to display as output. Any help would be appreciated! 



{product:[Anheuser-Busch Selection (Amount: 0.01 USD, Qty: 1, Select Beer Options: Stella Artois 6 Pack Bottles)],currency:USD,tax:0.00,shipping:0.00,subtotal:0.01,total:0.01,coupon:ORDERTEST,squareData:{transactionId:xQUWdq3ezexuvEjlHmRYXyCJfSLZY,amount:1,locationId:LVBRHWVBPCQK0,isCharged:true,currency:USD,submission_id:5770015757427076135}

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3 replies

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Hi @tglasgow 

Good question.

One option is to use AI.

Action: ChatGPT - Extract Structured Data


  • Requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription
  • Requires an OpenAI billing payment method

Thanks! Any other possible solutions? 

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You can write custom Code to parse and prep the data.