Catch hook response

I was planning to use Zapier to catch a webhook even from another platform we use.


They provide a way of “tapping” on to certain events in their application via webhooks.


I wanted to catch the event on Zapier and then do something with it.


My problem is that in order to subscribe to this webhook, the URL I configure it with (in this case, the zappier trigger URL) needs to respond to a GET request with the value of a certain query string parameter in the body. This is their validation mechanism, and if the endpoint does not reply with this value, then the webhook does not get set.


I know that there isn’t an option to specify the response body (only to make it silent), but is there any workaround to achieve this?


And if not, is this planned to be added in the future? I would like to move some of our automation tasks into Zapier but this is a blocker.



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