Calls to External API and tokern issues


We have a published WebAPI by the Ministry of Transportation to allow the retrieval public information. The way it works via code is that you would call a Login API (with a username and password) to get a token and then use this token in order to call other functions.
We’ve been testing it with C# code but we decided that with all the codeless integration and automation platforms this would be too time consuming and require skill sets that we do not have and do not wish to have 😉

To be more specific:
This is where MOT puts all the ‘documentation’ regarding their WebAPI pool.
We’ve been using the “.NET call example” (Scroll down on the main page) that consolidates some of the functions starting from Login and then using the token from Login to retrieve data from Overweight and finish with Logout


Our goal is first and foremost to bring structural data (mainly tabular) into either Excel, Airtable etc.

I started by trying to utilize Webhooks in order to call the Login process and obtain the token but this is where I got stuck as it requires to submit username and password which I could not figure out how even by spending a lot of time of tutorials. Shomehow, old-school me having less difficulties coding it then Zapping it..
Appreciate some good tips how to win this thing...

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