Adding extra data field to existing Zap

  • 12 July 2022
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I’ve added an extra field to the contact form that initiates my custom Zap.

How do I ‘train’ the Zap to know that I’ve added a field to the payload? 


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4 replies

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You cannot train Zapier to automatically map additional fields. Depending on how the trigger functions it may automatically send new fields though that would depend on if it is a polling trigger or a webhook and if there was anything manual someone had to do to set it up like map fields. 

With that, Zapier will not automatically map fields in any action that follows the trigger with the exception of a Webhook action that is left blank.

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Hey @Spacecat! @GetUWired is correct in their reply. I wanted to check in to see if you had any followup questions to this before we went ahead and marked their reply to you as the “Best Answer”. Let us know - always happy to lend a hand where we can!

Hi, answer wasn’t helpful to my situation, probably because I didn’t get specific enough.

I’ve got a catch hook that pushes a pre-formatted message through to Discord. The hook is pushed after a form submission on a WordPress site.

I’ve just added a field for email address to the WordPress form and I wanted to know if that new field, when pushed to the hook, would be available to add to the pre-formatted Discord message.

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if you configured the catch hook manually from Wordpress you will need to add the new field to the notification configuration.

You should then test the form, go into the Zapier editor & load the newest response (which should include the new field). Then you can map it into your Discord action step.