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Add user to mailchimp on future date

  • 13 December 2023
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Hello and thanks for reading. I have a product where one person might be buying it for someone else. The GIFTER is buying for RECIPIENT. I need functionality where the GIFTER might buy the product today, but the RECIPIENT will receive their first email from mailchimp in the future. 

My plan is this. When GIFTER purchases in this situation my app sends the RECIPIENT information to a zapier webhook. The webhook post includes start_date field. I’m then looking to send this RECIPIENT information to Mailchimp on the start_date.

I created a Zap:

Catch Hook in Webhooks by Zapier » Continue only if… start_date / equals / xxx » Add subscriber to mailchimp

The problem is that I cannot figure out how to set start_date equals TODAY.

If also worried this isn’t the right Zap if I want to trigger a future action. Continue only if Zap makes me think the function is just to stop a Zap if the conditions aren’t met. It will not activate something on a future date. 

Hoping someone can advise me on the best approach here. 


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Hi @mikesabat 

Try this instead…

Use Airtable to log the data.

Airtable has Views, which are segments of data. (sort, filter, etc.)

Views can be used to trigger a Zap.

The idea would be to create a View with filter conditions where the date field = TODAY.

Following up, I found the DELAY Zap which is the right one for what I’m looking for. 

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Delay has limitations to be aware of such as a max delay of 30 days.