problem in counting active user

  • 7 December 2023
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We are Zapier partners, and while working on the Partner Program task of increasing active users in Zapier, we encouraged users to create and run a zap. However, the active user metric doesn't seem to be increasing. Currently, it's only at 15, even though we have engaged far more users than this number to complete the task. We are quite certain that they have created at least one zap and it's running. We would like to know why the active user count is not increasing.

3 replies

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Hi @dev20221117 

You will probably want to post this topic in the Dev Zone.



Hi @Troy Tessalone , My question is about the upgrade issue of the Partner program. Should I also provide feedback in the Dev Zone as you mentioned?

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Yes, if it is related to your Zap app integration on the Zapier Developer Platform.