Zapier creating .CSV Spreadsheet

  • 30 October 2022
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Hi Community,


I’m building my first Zap, and I am running into some issues.  My CRM integrates with Zapier, and another program I use can import CSV files.  So I would like to transfer info from the CRM form to my other program by creating a CSV through Zapier.  That’s the overview.


I’m trying to import my CSV column headers from Excel into Zapier, because there are a lot of them.  The columns go all the way to AFD, so I’d prefer to import them vs manually creating all of them in Zapier.  I created step 2. Utilities in Formatter but when I tested the connection, it said:

  • The app returned "<urlopen error retrieval incomplete: got only 72357 out of 72537 bytes>".

I guess first, does it sound like I’m on the right path?  If so, what do I need to do to fix this error?

On a side note, there is one field that I need to split from the form into 2 fields on the CSV.  Is there a way to delimit that field?



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3 replies

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Hi @Brando81!

It may be that the csv is too big for the Formatter to handle, could I ask how big the file is? The Formatter is only able to handle csv files up to 150KB.

Regarding the field that you need to split, you can use the Formatter to split a text field. At what point do you need to split the data? Before it’s uploaded as a csv or after? If it’s before, could you share some more detail about what app it’s coming from/what the data looks like?



Thanks for the response.

  • The CSV with the headers is 23.3KB
  • The one to split is a Full Name field that my CRM uses and the other software uses first name field and last name field.  So I’d like the zap to automatically delimit that field.

Thanks again!

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Hi @Brando81, thanks for the reply. 

Hmm, if it’s not the size of the csv it’s hard to tell what it is without actually looking at the Zap’s logs. You’ll need to get in touch with the Zapier Support team using the Get Help form as they’ll be able to take a look at the Zap and it’s logs with you. 

I can’t think of a way to edit the csv after importing it, sorry about that. Could you create a duplicate table in excel that splits the text using a formula and then use that csv perhaps? Sorry I don’t have the best news for you!