PandaDoc Test Data Not In Order

Hi- I’m using PandaDoc document completion as the trigger in my zap.


The test data, however is out of order, so I’m having to go in and push the data through manually as a test.



I’m unsure if this is a zapier issue or a PandaDoc issue. The actions are being triggered based on which document is being completed to start onboarding.

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Welcome to the Community @zachy! 👋

I’m not seeing any existing bugs reported for this behaviour with the PandaDoc app. But with instant triggers like the Document Status Changed trigger the best way to pull in a recent sample is to perform the action that should trigger the Zap then go back to the Zap and attempt to load in the sample. Which is sounds like you’re already doing here. 

As it’s an instant trigger it should be sending over the changes as they happen. So when the Zap is switched on it should trigger for those changes in the correct order.

Are you finding that when the Zap is switched on it’s triggering on the updated documents in the wrong order? Or is it not triggering on the changes at all?

That said, you mentioned that “The actions are being triggered based on which document is being completed to start onboarding” if you’re looking to trigger the Zap once the document is complete it may be worth switching to the “Document Completed” trigger instead. Or did you already try using that trigger?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hi @zachy 

Good question.

It’s a known issue that the trigger test examples can be out of order.


When the Zap is ON and running live the Zaps should trigger in order.


If you Zap is ON, make sure to check your Zap Runs history details to see the timestamps and DATA IN/OUT for each Zap step to help you troubleshoot:


Otherwise, can you outline specific examples for us?

Screenshots are helpful.