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Location entry into

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We have “location column” in When we use zapier to enter new information into that column in this format

Street Address, City, State, Zipcode

The field in ends up being empty like its being rejected for some reason. Who else dealt with this, do we need to clean up the data first and how?

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Best answer by Troy Tessalone 8 May 2023, 05:23

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Found a help article on Monday that says Lat/Long are required. The workaround to this is to set lat/long as 0 and not worry about the actual geolocation. Zapier/Monday could do a better job telling you that.

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Can someone help using layman terms? I am not a developer and I am a first time Zapier user. I have a location field in Monday. My zap will transfer contact information including “location” (city) from Gravity Forms to I just want the city displayed but the zap will not complete this field. What do I need to put into the zap? I won’t have longitude/latitude information. HOw do I format this field so the data transfers across?

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Currently having this issue. How can I just send over the address to Monday? I don’t have Lat/Long info.

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Thanks so much for sharing that helpful workaround here @zapia - it’s most appreciated! 🙌

I’ve submitted an internal request to get those details added to the existing Help Center guides for the app so that more folks can benefit from this information in future. Thanks again! 🤗 

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Hi @DV_Automation 

Good question.

Monday API help article about the Location column type: