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  • 16 September 2022
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Hi I am trying to create an link between Box and Airtable that will update a Company’s record in Airtable with the date when I edit said Company’s box note. Due to naming convention of our notes (CompanyName Running Notes), I’ve been using formula search and searching a field in Airtable called “box integration name” that concatenates the company name with “Running Notes.boxnote”. Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but any help is appreciated. Neither a new record is created nor is the existing record updated.


3 replies

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Hey @k.zhou Sorry to hear you’ve been running into some trouble! I wonder if it might be easier to create a formula column with Airtable that does the concatenation for you. From there, you can simply put the Box “Source Name” field into the “Search Value” field of your action step instead of worrying how to write out the search formula. Are you open to giving that a try? It might get you the result you’re looking for faster.

Of course, if you prefer to go the “Search Formula” route instead, let us know and we can work through that with you. 🙂

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Hi @k.zhou 

Good question.

First, remove this selected option.


Second, try removing the 2 instances of “<TriggerValue>”.


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Hey @k.zhou! I wanted to check in to see if any of our suggestions for what you’re trying to accomplish have been helpful. Let us know - we want to make sure you’re good to go here!