Gravity Forms wont connect

  • 31 January 2022
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Any ideas on getting this connected?


I'm getting the error that my credentials are wrong but there not?!



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3 replies

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Hey @Karlfr,

Welcome to the Zapier Community! Happy to help you out here!

The biggest issue we've seen comes when the REST API isn't set up correctly. This is usually caused by the following issues:

  • Basic Authentication is not set up properly on the website. These are at the website WordPress level and they will need to correct this in order to get REST API working. There's a great article for it here:
  • Bad redirection rules or a plugin performing redirection that is routing the REST API requests and stripping the POST or DELETE verb from the request. That makes it default to a GET request. This can happen if they have the "www" is left in the "Site URL" or added it if that's not how the site is actually registered. Some redirection plugins may also be causing this issue.
  • Plugins or security settings at the website that are blocking REST API. These are a lot harder to troubleshoot, but we've seen WordFence doing this and there are other plugins or site security settings that they will need to have* whitelisted in order to correct.

Additionally, here are some times for you while you're attempting to troubleshoot:

  • The Gravity Forms API logging will show the REST API basic authentication and OAuth tests.
  • It also validates that you're connecting the right account.
  • There will be a GET request for every connection attempt, and every time the Zapier setup reads the forms.
  • There will be a post request when the feed is created and at present a delete request when the zap is disabled and a post request when it's enabled.
  • In the Zapier Add-On log, the /standard/ hooks are the new API requests and the /catch/ are the Legacy API requests. Other than that, they look identical.

Gravity Forms does maintain a doc here that goes over a lot of what I already talked about but it’s likely they’ll keep this more up to date than the troubleshooting steps we might have, so I encourage you to take a look as well.

Hi, thanks for this. I feel like my head will explode reading this ha. 


I have no clue what most of this means or where to start

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Hey there, 

I appreciate the reply, and totally understandable, troubleshooting authentication can get quite complex and confusing. 

In this case, I’d actually recommend reaching out to the Gravity Forms for an assist here. Since the authentication measures are configured in Gravity Forms, they’ll be the experts to be able to help out. Though Zapier will be here just in case there are any questions needed from us!

I’d recommend sending them this error message: authentication failed: Invalid Consumer Key and/or
Consumer Secret

And let them know you know about the guide here. And see if they can help out with checking your settings to make sure your account is all setup correctly to connect with Zapier.