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Error 400 Bad Request-CompanyCam

  • 6 July 2022
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I am trying to set up a zap that is triggered when a new photo is added to a CompanyCam project and then uploads that photo to job in JobTread. 

I keep running into the Bad request error when trying to match the TargetType and Target ID.

Has anyone one else run into this issue and found a solution?


I did notice that the CompanyCam fields won’t show the actual data from my phots when setting up the action. It only shows a generic line of “123 Sample xyz” after project address and “Project title” after project title, instead of specific data pulled from the test trigger photo. See phot below:



Any help would be appreciated.  


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8 replies

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Hey there, @ceb! Thanks for posting in the Community! We definitely want to help. 🙂

Do you mind sharing which specific triggers and actions you’re using in each app? If you wouldn’t mind sharing a screenshot of the error message that you’re seeing as well that would be super appreciated. 

Thanks again and looking forward to getting this sorted for ya!

Yes! Thank you.

Trigger: New Photo in CompanyCam

Action: Upload Files in JobTread


Here is a screenshot of the Error:


@christina.d Just wanted to tag you in a reply to be sure you saw my above comment supplying you with the information you requested.



Hey @ceb !

We’ve had a couple CompanyCam customers integrate with JobTread.

After looking at your screenshot I see 2 issues:

  1. The Project URL won’t upload all the photos as you’d expect it would
  2. The required Target ID is the JobTread Job ID and not the CompanyCam ID. This is most likely what’s giving you that 400 error.
The workflow I'd recommend is Creating a new project When a Job is created or at a certain status in Jobtread and then you could create another Zap that would be triggered by that new CompanyCam project to look up and add a link directly to the JobTread job.
I don't have the exact example captured via video, but I've created 4 examples with 4 different CRMs that may give you some inspiration. I’d recommend taking a look at this Zoho CRM example. A major difference will be that you’ll want to use “New Photo” as the trigger instead of “New Project” which I give in the video.
The most useful part for you in this will be putting the JobTread Job ID in the CompanyCam project name so that it can be extracted and used as the Target ID.
Hope this helps!
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Hey @ceb! Just checking in to see if you were able to successfully set this up after following @jarhartman’s suggestions. Let us know!

@jesse No, the examples given do not work for JobTread and CompanyCam Integration. JobTread is much different from Zoho CRM. 

Right now, I’m going to go with the assumption that this particular integration is not possible. Thanks for trying to help. 

It has been confirmed that Zapier’s CompanyCam app has a glitch and error that should be fixed.  As mentioned in my original post CompanyCam provides sample data off the bat which messes up setting up the integration. It should be showing the actual data from the test photo but it does not. 


I think Zapier’s team should contact CompanyCam to fix this, or do it themselves. 


Here is a video from someone familiar with the glitch you all have and how someone can fix it should anyone run across this issue with CompanyCam and JobTread again. 


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Hey there, @ceb!

Thanks so much for sharing this with the Community! I had to remove the link to the Loom due to personal identifiable information (an email address) being present in the video but if you wanted to edit out the first few seconds and upload it again I think it’s a super helpful workaround to have and I know others would benefit.

I’d also recommend opening a ticket with our support team to report this. Feel free to drop the full Loom and a link to this topic in your ticket! They can flag this with the CompanyCam team. Since this particular app is owned and managed by CompanyCam we can't provide estimates for fixes but this at least allows us to bring awareness to the issue. 

Thanks again for sharing your findings and feedback!