Email by Zapier not working

  • 22 January 2024
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Hi there


Not too sure why my zap that uses (1) Schedule by Zapier; and (2) Email by zapier doesnt work. 






1 reply

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Hi @zamshaRR, thanks for reaching out to the Community here! 👋

From the screenshots shared here it looks as though that run of the Zap was successful. Can you share some details as to which specific part of the Zap is not working?

For example, is it that the email is not being received? If so, it might be worth searching in your email’s spam/junk folder in case it’s ended up in there by mistake.  

Or is the issue more that the Zap is triggering at the wrong time perhaps? In which case it might be using the wrong timezone - see our Zap dates or times are incorrect guide for more details on how to correct similar timezone related issues.

With a bit more context on the specific issue you’re running into here we’ll be better able to help troubleshoot further. Thanks, looking forward to your reply! 🙂