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Dropbox not pulling folders list

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This has been happening for 2 days now, I’ve reconnected, reauthorized, deleted and started over my two dropbox accounts. None of that works and both have the same issue.

The error occurs with several dropbox actions, but for simplicity’s sake lets say ‘Create folder’.

I pick the dropbox account, choose create folder, and on the screen where normally you could pull a drop down list of the folders from your dropbox account I get nothing, and zapier throws this error:

Required field "Folder" (directory) is missing.


It is of course missing, but it can’t be filled in. You can’t type into it, and it doesn’t populate and let me select my folder like it should.


Best answer by Liz_Roberts 15 April 2020, 20:17

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Hi @reliefmedbill! I’m sorry that you’re having some trouble with your Dropbox Zap. As you’ve previously been able to see the folders but you can’t now, I think that the best thing to do is to ask our Support Team to look into this. Could I trouble you to please use the Get Help form to send them a message: Get Help


Be sure to include which Zap/s you’re having an issue with and full details of the problem (eg which folders you were previously able to connect but can no longer see).

I’m having the same problem? I can not see all my dropbox folders. My folders our team share folders with the two towers showing (not the two heads). I have been using zapier and dropbox for years. I have always been able to see the team folders in zapier, but not any more?

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I fixed that issue by moving the folder to a different area of the dropbox.  



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Hi @bestedigital!

I’m not sure if this is the case, but is there any chance that Fusion is a shared Dropbox folder? 

If you go into the Dropbox interface, does that folder look like the blue ones in this image, with 2 silhouttes:


If so, it’s a shared folder and we’re not able to get access to those from within your Zap. We have an existing feature request if that’s what’s happening in your case, and we can add your vote for it. Can you confirm whether that folder is a shared one?

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That is the screen shot of where I need to see my dropbox.  

Here is the screen showing my apps and I just tested again.


I have a folder called Fusion, then Beste Digital Media Clients, and I wanted to put another folder underneath that.

Here is what I have from explorer



When I go to try to have Zapier access the dropbox, I can see from the Desktop down in zapier, but I do not see the Fusion and Beste Digital.  You can see from the above what I have.  Maybe something is not mapping correctly?






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@bestedigital ,

Thanks for letting us know! Could you share a screenshot of your configuration and any error messages you may be receiving so that we can dig in further? 


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I have the same issue.  I need an zap to create a folder in dropbox, but it does not show up when I get to that point.  However, I look at the apps, and it shows dropbox as one of them and I test it and it is successful.

How do I get it fixed.  I am stopped.



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Hi out there! Everything is fine again! Thanks!!

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It’s working !! Great news.


Thank you Zapier.

@kevinhtre @msalonen @jzv @mindlash @Ioannis @Liz_Roberts 


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Hi @kevinhtre @msalonen @Héctor @jzv @mindlash @Ioannis ,

So sorry you all were impacted by this bug. Circling back here as this was successfully fixed this morning!

Please let us know if you are experiencing any more issues or have any additional questions- happy to help!

How is this not a priority?

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Hi guys

I have the same problem also. I cannot create zaps with my Dropbox because it cannot retrieve foders from my Dropbox. Untill two weeks ago everything was fine.

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I have the same problem.

Can’t create any zap with Dropbox, because it can’t retrieve folder list :(

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Hi !!

I have the some problem, with the Upload File action, but inside a path.

All the other zaps with the Dropbox Upload File action are working perfectly, but if I have this action inside a Path is not showing any folder in the drop down you explained in the very first message.

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No solution. Support basically said developers will take a look, but no ETA. There seems to be no workaround because you can’t get to the next step.

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I have the exact same problem. Have you been able to find a solution?