Zoom - Definition of 'new registrant' ??

  • 13 April 2021
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Hi all, 

Currently preparing for an upcoming webinar and we’re concerned that we’ll get participates joining the webinar who otherwise haven’t signed up for it through our website. 

Essentially, the bottom line is that we want to get the email deets of anyone who attends the webinar and have this trigger an email sequence through Active Campaign. 

My question then is in the zap, is ‘new registrant’ by defintion someone who has:

  1. Pre-registered for the event via our website and received Zoom details as a result of the registration process. 
  2. Someone who is just joining the webinar (and may have gotten zoom details from a mate) and hasn’t actually registered through our website. 
  3. both of the above

I guess my question then is if Zap is grabbing the details from registrations of the event or actual attendees? 

Thanks in advance! 
- L

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2 replies

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Hi @OLegal 

Here’s what the Zoom Zap app profile page shows:


New Registrant isn't (always) triggering

Zoom does not notify Zapier of new registrants if those were created via their API, e.g. with another Zap.
As a workaround, they suggest "to send the Zoom registration information to a web/smart form to capture the data. Then, you can leverage this form data to push out the registration information when a new form/submission is added.".

Alternatively, this may be due to Zoom not supporting recurring webinar registration with Zapier yet.
This is currently being worked on but there is not an ETA on when this will be available.


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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this?