Zoom Attendance Report to Google Sheets

  • 28 July 2022
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I saw a few posts on the topic dated a year ago. Did Zapier come up with a solution on how to integrate Zoom attendance / participation report with Google Sheet?

Really needed for class attendance, please!

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4 replies

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Hi @Careda Admin!

In short, I’m afraid that the answer is no. The feature request is still open for that and I can add you as an interested user so that you’ll receive an email from us if that trigger is added. To make sure that I add you to the right feature request, could I ask if you’re using Zoom webinars or meetings for class attendance? 



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Hi @Careda Admin 

@Danvers is correct and it is not currently possible with what Zoom has built out in Zapier. With that, if you are interested in hiring out to have this integration built for you we do have experience building this integration with Zoom Webinars using the Zoom API. 

Please reach out if so!

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Hey @Careda Admin 

Just to follow up on what @Danvers asked. Could you confirm whether you are using webinars or meetings so we can add you to the right feature request?

@GetUWired makes a great point, if you don't want to or can't wait for a feature request to be implemented many of our Experts would be able to provide solutions for this as it is possible to create private apps on Zapier via our developer platform

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I’d like to be added to that request - I need to set something up to capture meeting (not webinar) attendances.