Zapier not pulling in all Airtable fields

  • 12 October 2021
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Hi - long time Zapier user - short time Airtable user. I’m trying to create a zap that triggers off a record being updated in Zapier. ie. when a contact is updated in Airtable, then the lead is added to for email outreach. 

Problem is, zapier isn’t pulling all of the dynamic data from Airtable, so I’m not able to pass across the requisite data that needs (ie. email address). The email address fields is clearly on the Airtable table, so I’m not sure why zapier isn’t pulling in that dynamic field into the drop down when creating an action zap. 

Any advice?

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2 replies

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Hi @clocked22 

Airtable will only return fields w/ values, so make sure to test with an Airtable Record that has all the desired data points populated.

Here’s how to change your trigger test data to pull in updated records:

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Thanks so much!