Zapier Not Finding Asana Task In Project

  • 24 September 2021
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Hi Community!

I’m having a strange issue where Zapier can’t find certain asana tasks within projects.  I have a zap that does a few different things, but within it I find a specific project in Asana.  That works well.  

When I search that project for a specific task, it gives me an error message.  Strangely enough, I’ve tested it with other tasks within that project and some will be found.

Has anyone run into bugs or issues like this with finding tasks within asana projects?


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4 replies

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Hi @rmjaskie 

Do you have the correct Workspace selected?


Make sure to check for leading/trailing whitespace and extra spaces in the hardcoded Zap value as well as on the Asana Task title.

Thanks @Troy Tessalone for the quick response.  That’s the only workspace we have, so yes, that one should be correct.

I will look into the white space issues you talked about.  I am typing the task name in (since it doesn’t change), so I wouldn’t think I have white space.  I’ll check the hard coded values too.


Unfortunately, those didn’t work. Still getting the attached error.  So close, yet so far away on this zap!

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Try reselecting/reinputting and testing all the steps.

Might be worth copying the Zap and testing again.

You could also try turning the Zap ON and testing.