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  • 2 July 2020
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I manage a couple of corporate accounts. For too long been waiting for Zapier to build mobile apps for Android and iOS. IFTTT is not something that we could use but now there is Integromat and they do have mobile apps (although the iOS app still requires lots of work, at least they try). Zapier doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to release iOS version and has no plans at this time for an Android version. If an app development like that takes 1-2 years, I am NOT willing to wait that long and will take the business elsewhere. Too bad so much ignorance for a simple quest. Even my shoe maker has a mobile app nowadays so I can custom my shoes on a mobile all the way I like them. So why a corporation like Zapier can’t scrap 10 developers to work on iOS and Android apps that’s beyond my understanding.

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Hey @lonel16589_kartk5_com

Thanks for the feedback. I totally understand the frustration about the lack of mobile apps for Zapier. 

We actually do have an iOS app that’s in beta. If you’d like to become a beta tester, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Install the TestFlight app from the AppStore and tap this link to download the beta:
  2. Accept the Zapier for iOS beta invitation to use the app on here:
  3. Find Zapier app in TestFlight and install/open it. Remember to update frequently!
  4. Create mobile Zaps on to see the effects in the app!

If you're unsure how to set up mobile Zaps, please visit again our Quick Start guide at the bottom of our Landing Page: It includes step-by-step videos to walk you through all of our latest features.

We do not have an Android app in the works yet, but I don’t think we’ve ruled it out, depending on how well our iOS app does :)