Zap turns itself off

  • 10 July 2021
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Pretty frustrating issue when none of the 3 issues are applicable. 

  • You lose access to a paid feature the Zap uses (e.g., multi-step Zaps or premium apps) due to a trial expiration or plan downgrade.
    Payments haven’t changed, plan hasn’t changed, permissions haven’t changed.
  • Multiple errors occur each time the Zap tries to run.
    An email notification will be sent if a Zap is turned off due to errors.
    No errors, as the original question stated. All tests run perfectly, the Zap turns off regardless. 
  • You make a change to a trigger or action of the Zap.
    You will need to turn the Zap back on once you are done editing it.
    Old Zap stopped. Troubleshooting with no results. Copied a new Zap, same issue. Created a brand new Zap, tested it, all successful. Zap still turns itself off immediately. 

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2 replies

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Check your app connections here:

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Hi @Urban!


Did @Troy Tessalone’s suggestion help? If not, the best thing to do is to get in touch with the Zapier Support Team as they will be able to take a look at the Zap’s log to see why it’s turning off. You can contact them using the Get Help form.