Zap not triggering by FireFlies, tested OK

  • 9 January 2021
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I created my first Zap. Tested it OK, but it is not triggered in real life (20 hours). It is a Zap between FireFlies Notetaker, through a filter (title) to Trello.

Task log is empty. What can I do to get it working?

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5 replies

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Hey @Arjan,

can you check the following and maybe provide some screenshots?

  1. The Zap is activated
  2. Make sure the trigger that activates the zap was used

I think this would help to solve this.

Hi @Ennes ,

thx for the reply. The Zap is activated and the only trigger available is selected. 




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Has there been a New Meeting created in Fireflies since the Zap was turned ON?
FYI: Zap only work when turned ON and for new data going forward.


Also, are you on a Fireflies paid plan?

There is this … Note: You must be on a paid plan with to use Zapier.
See their pricing page for more information.


Hi @Troy Tessalone , This for the reply. Yes I have a paid fireflies plan. I run a recurring ZOOM call. Fire Flies does the recording and transcript well. With the integration it goes wrong. The test works but the “LIVE” integration doesn’t.

Fireflies exports the transcript with a filename missing the date, so it is not unique the moment the webinar occurs again. 

Secondly the triggers are missing or at least no task is logged. Are these basic coding issues with fireflies, which can’t handle recurring meetings?





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It may be an issue with recurring meetings in Fireflies.

I suggest opening a ticket with Zapier Support: