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  • 16 January 2021
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I’m starting to acumulate a lot of Zaps and would like to organise better. Firstly I’d like an exported list of all Zap’s and ID’s if possible. I can then use the ID’s as references in my documentation and workflow diagrams. 

Anyone got any ideas on how to do this with some automation or queries?





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7 replies

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Hey @Currently Jason,

maybe this can help you.


Btw: I would be interested in those workflow diagrams and your documentation. Maybe you can share this in another post? I am always looking to show case existing zaps in a nice way :)

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@Currently Jason - +1 with Ennes- would love to see the workflow diagram you come up with! Please share if you’re open to it :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Ennes the Export got me some way there. I have imported the data into Airtable but it is missing descriptions and URL (need to search the JSON for this, it may be there)

Going forward I have created a Zap that will add newly created Zaps into Airtable along with the URL, Title, and ID (Description is missing from the Zap data though, would be nice)

But, so far I have this that will allow me to allocate to a client or project and open if I need to. 


What I want to do is when creating the documentation for client automations,be able to reference the Zap (I can now use Zap ID) and then add the URL to link to the Zap when troubleshooting through the Workflow as shown below.



So what would be great, when using the Zapier Management Zap is for the description to be pulled through along with the Folder (This could give client name) then it would be much easier to create and maintain documentation. 





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You can use Miro or BPMN to manage processes. Most important is the naming convention we (as experts with 10.000s of automations) we have some ideas and approches. 

Short version of our naming convention:


  • Every name should be in English

  • Process according to BPMN: 

    • Create a new folder for each independent process (that could run end to end on it's own)

    • Streamline of the BPMN touched processes A;B;C;D (if no streamline) go with numbers. 

    • Name the folder according to the purpose of the process / functionality of the scenarios it contains

    • Name the scenarios in the folder:

      • Start with 1 for first scenario

      • If Subprocess: add .1  (e.g. 1.1)

      • Distinguish between parallel scenarios with letters (e.g. 2.3a , 2.3b) 

      • Add title that shortly explains what the scenario does 

      • --> Full example: 1.2.b get client questions and send them to airtable

    • Add numbers in BPMN file at the right place (e.g. 2.3.a)

    • If scenario should be OFF! --> Write OFF! before scenario

    • Write the Email of the Person at the End of processes longer then 10 Apps (or 3 different Apps)

  • Notes to document module information

    • Start each note with the module number 

    • Write what it does

    • Paste private links to the ressources it accesses (e.g. client database, Google sheet, ...) and add email to log in to that ressource

    • Example: For Webhooks that are triggered by a website form you may put in the JSON structure

    • If the subsequent filter is not self explanatory describe why you filter and for what

  • Connections

    • Date (dd-mm-YYYY)

    • Company name  - [email to login for the connector] 

    • Example: 16-12-2020 - Company GmbH – 

  • Webhooks

    • Same name as process

    • Example: 1.2.b web form

  • Other Automation

    • If other automation (rpa/flow) is touched in a Zap, write the Software in Caps (ZAPIER)

Have fun sharing it!


We will acutally start a university research in the summer and make it opensource when it will be publish in 2022. @greg.kelly  @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu  counting on you for an interview ;-) 

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Wow!! looks great. This is the kind of thing I’m looking for. I only have around 150 Zaps but I want the method to be in place as it quickly gets out of hand. 

Cheers and looking forward to research data👍

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Super interesting conversation here! @Currently Jason I’ve added your requests (seeing description and folder) to our internal system here. If/when those get added you’ll be notified via email :)

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Super interesting conversation here! @Currently Jason I’ve added your requests (seeing description and folder) to our internal system here. If/when those get added you’ll be notified via email :)

That’s great. I appreciate that, thanks