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Zap a gmail csv attachment in to Google Sheet

  • 12 June 2020
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I need help making a Zap for a daily report that sends out to my Gmail as a CSV attachment.

I need to connect it to the main Google Sheet and it has to update everytime I receive the report in Gmail as a CSV attachhment. 

Can you please help me make a Zap for this? I can’t figure it out. 


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7 replies

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Zapier can automatically save your email attachments to Google Drive. Whenever you get a new email in Gmail with an attachment, this Zap will save it to the Google Drive folder you want - just be sure to pick one when setting this up, otherwise we'll add the file to the root of your Drive.

Take a look at

Also, take a look at this to take you from file to sheet...



@David Mercer  Thanks for the reply. I have checked the following links. But I think what it does it only adds the attached CSV into Google Drive or create new worksheets?

What we need is a  MASTER GOOGLE SHEET  that will automatically update each time we receive an email with an attached CSV.

Do you think this can be done?


Thank you



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Thank for the clarification.  Take a look at the capabilities of Zapier Formatter and CSV files.



@Mercology thanks. I’ll check

@Mercology  @David Mercer I have tried to use Formatter but this won’t accept my CSV file because it is more than 150kb. So there is a data limit in order for Zapier to import the data into Google Sheets? 

@David Mercer @Mercology 


This is the error message that I am getting :


CSV Import only supports file sizes < 150K error
The utility only supports importing files that are 150K or less (which is around 1000 rows of a 10 column CSV file.) You'll need to split the CSV file into multiple files if it's too large.

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With the 150K limit, you are at a dead end.