WordPress to Airtable

  • 14 July 2020
  • 2 replies

Hy I have been trying to snyc new wordpress post to my airtable i got it to work but i cant seem to get featured images and i use wordpress beta cause wordpress doesnt work. can somebody help i need the link of the featured image on airtable

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2 replies

HI @ForYourIT  My set up is very simple all it does is every time there is a new post in wp it creates a new airtable record with the title of the wp as the fire cell and so on it works fine with no errors only issue is among the feteched data from the wp post i dont see the featured image link so that cell is always empty

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Hi @Cytro ,


To help us out a bit so we understand your setup, could you provide some more information? Like;

  • What kind of Zap do you use currently, which field are you trying to use?
  • How does your airtable base look like?
  • Do you get any error?

One thing I know of could be the issue, is the Type of the Airtable column. If you would like to insert an image there, make sure the type is set to attachment.