Wix Automation + Discord Roles

I currently have a Wix website that I am selling subscriptions on. As part of the subscription I want to assign a premium role in my Discord server. I can see that there is Wix automation to Discord role integration but I’m lost as to how to set it up. I was suggested this format. 

Zap 1:

  • Trigger: Automation Rule in Wix Automations
  • Action: Create Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets

This will capture all the information from the new Subscribers from Wix Automations to the Google Sheet

Zap 2:

  • Trigger: New Row in Google Sheets (based on the sheet from the previous Zap)
  • Action: Send email (using your email providers, like Gmail or Outlook) > this email will contain your Discord invite link

This Zap will invite the users to be created in Discord

Zap 3:

  • Trigger: New Row in Google Sheets (based on the sheet from the previous Zap)
  • Action 1: Delay Until using Delay by Zapier (this will delay the Zap and you can set the Zap only runs let's say every Monday, to make sure it captures all the user data captured from Wix)
  • Action 2: Find user in Discord
  • Action 3: Add user role in Discord

I don’t understand Zap 3:

Action 1 delays why? (are we waiting for the person to click the invite link?)

When I set up Action 2 it wants me to enter text or data in the username field but the username is unknown at this point. 

For action 3 to add a role I then have to select a user. Which is also unknown at this time. So I'm really confused.



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Hi there @spenller,

I have been trying to figure out your problem but it is a though one.

I do think that Action 1 is delayed, so users would have time to click on your invite link. 

But Action 2 indeed would not work without the user name. Ideally, it would be easier if the Discord app allowed you to search usernames by email. There is an open feature request for this and maybe a Zapier staff could add yout to that request so you would get notified when it arrives. 

Meanwhile I am thinking if there would be a way to catch new Discord user registrations and compare emails with your original google sheet. That way you could match users and add roles.

I think you could also use 

You would have to use the Discord API This might be and advanced solution.

This can be configured using a Webhook action step:

NOTE: This requires a Zapier paid plan.

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Hey @spenller,

Just checking in to see if you saw Csaba’s reply here. Were you able to get this sorted by using a Webhook step or did you find another solution here?

Please do let us know how you got on and whether you’d like to be added to that feature request to allow Discord users to be searched for by email address. :)