Why is Zapier adding data from row 560 in Microsoft Excel and how do I reset the start row to 2?

  • 23 January 2024
  • 2 replies

New to Zapier - have created a trigger to add a new row to an excel spreadsheet. Other than the first row of headers, all the excel fields in the sheet are empty. Yet Zapier is adding new fields from row 560 and counting upwards as the test or zaps are created? How do i reset the start row to say 2 or understand why this is happening as the excel empty row should be 2?

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2 replies

So i found a way around my issue - i created a new sheet, copied the top row from the old sheet to the new sheet, deleted the old one, renamed the new sheet with the old sheet name and the row now resets to 2 for zaps. So seems something linked to the file or spreadsheet has a count that Zapier uses to understand which rows it thinks are occuppied with data - so by recreating a new sheet with the same headers is a way to get the row count to reset to the start count - usually row 2. I would say how the row count is established needs to be looked at.

On further thing i needed to add above is you need to reload the Spreadsheet in the Action section as the UUID has changed - even though the name is the same. So using a new sheet with new UUID seems to do the trick.