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What is the exact time Task usage is reset?

  • 22 February 2021
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Had a look can’t see what exact time does the “tasks usage” reset ?

Mine says Usage Reset Feb 23, 2021

would that be midnight according to my timezone in profile settings? (Uk time) 

or the company zapiers timezone? 

or a random time when next months payment is made on the 23rd?



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10 replies

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Hi @Video Hero 

Believe the Task Usage will reset to 0 on the specified day in your Zapier account.

You can submit a ticket to Zapier Support here:

thanks yes i realise that it resets on the day

what i am asking is what time of that day?

midnight my timezone

midnight zapier company timezone

or when payment processed which can be random

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@Video Hero 

What is your use case for understanding the timestamp for when the Task Usage resets?

Zapier has some buffer and controls for Tasks that go over the Zapier plans Task Limit.

Zapier sends notifications when you reach 80% of your task limit, and then again when you reach your full task limit. At that point, Zapier will hold new Zap runs.

@Troy Tessalone good question ..

my zaps have already stopped today .. my subscription fee is taken tomorrow (when allowance is reset)  .. ideally want to avoid having to go up a level with my plan today



@Troy Tessalone  ok this is solved .. i found a place in zapier that tells me the hours left til reset .. 

it say 17hrs in my case which isn’t midnight here ..  kind of random .. .. but anyway now i know what it it is.



@Troy Tessalone actually a follow up .. would you know if I do upgrade my plan today .. does my task allowance immediately reset back to zero and to the new allowance? or add more zaps on top of what I have used?

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@Video Hero 

Upgrading plans immediately gives you the settings described for the plan:

@Troy Tessalone thanks .. last q .. if i do upgrade it won’t go and run all those paused Zaps I have will it,

since i manually dealt with those customers already?

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@Video Hero 

If a Zap is OFF, it won’t trigger.

If you are talking about Held Tasks in the Zap Runs ( then check out this help article:

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Just wanted to follow up here to confirm that the time your Task usage resets will be the same time that you switched to the current plan. For example, if you sign up for a Starter plan at 3pm on 2nd July, your Task usage would next be reset at 3pm on 2nd August.

Whenever you change plans it will also change the reset date and time. So following on from the previous example, if you then upgraded to the Professional plan on 4th August at 10am, your Task usage would then be reset at 10am on the 4th of each month going forward. :)

You can view your Task reset date from within your account here: Usage