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What is a multi-step zap?

  • 10 March 2021
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I see that the starter plan, which is what I have, included multi-step zap rather than just single step zaps. What is a multi-step zap?


My typical zap is going from Click Funnels to Google Sheets. I then create another zap from Google Sheets to Office 365 so as to send an email. 

Can I make that all one zap? Is that what’s considered a multi-step zap? 


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3 replies

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Hi @vecouch,


Multi-step zap connects more than 3 platforms in a single zap. So your understanding is right, with the starter plan, you can connect Clickfunnel, Google sheet, and Office 365 in one zap.

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Hi @vecouch!

To be a little more specific, it doesn’t necessarily have to be 3 platforms. Multi-step Zaps are anything that has more than one action step.

If your Zap was ClickFunnels to Google Sheets and a second Google Sheet, that would still be multi-step.

Hope that helps!

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Hey @vecouch!

Hope these replies answered your question here? Happy Zapping!