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Webflow Form into a Google Spreadsheet

  • 10 February 2021
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Hey guys,

First time posting here :) 


Short version: I want to display the data I get from the Webflow form onto a Google Spreadsheet. 



So I have a Multi-Step Form in Webflow, where some of the slides have multiple checkboxes. 

Webflow Form with Multiple Checkboxes


Now what I want is that when you select the checkboxes (blue), you get the value displayed in a Google Spreadsheet. I know that the Form works because I get an email when you submit the Form and the data is correct. I’ve also managed to get the data from Webflow into a Google spreadsheet using this setup. 


The problem I’m experiencing is that the value of the checkboxes are displayed as “true & false”. This is just the way Webflow checkboxes work and I don’t think I can change that. 


Obviously this is not ideal because in the Google spreadsheet it looks like this: 


So is there a way I can Filter out the “true” values from the “false” values, AND then display the “true” values as they are displayed in the Form. So from the example above I’d get:

arrondissement: 7e, 14e, & Banlieue Proche. Instead of “false, true, false,”


I know I’d probably have to use Zapier “filter” and/or “formatter”


I’ve tried it out multiple times but I just can’t seem to figure it out…


I really hope this made sense and someone could help me out :) 








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It would take a lot of formatters to reference each of those fields. You’d have better luck using a code block action. Find Code by Zapier and set it to javascript. Input each field similar to below. I only did 3 but you would need to map each individual field. 

Then copy this code below into the code editor. 

const data = inputData;
var output = [];

for (const [key, value] of Object.entries(data)) {
if (value == 'true')

return {"true values": output}


It should all look something like this (yours of course would have more entries but the code block would be the same)

The result should be just the true values. 

Let me know if you need any additional help!

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Wow, Thanks for the detailed response!

I tried to follow your advice as best as I could, but unfortunately it’s not working... Not sure where the problem is. 


I see that in your image you have the data from the spreadsheet whereas I have it from Webflow?
I do get the “true” values


But it’s not displayed correctly on the Spreadsheet...


Just to be sure, it should look like this right? 



Thanks again!




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In step 3 you need to use the output from step 2 for the column Arrondissement(s) since that output is the filtered values from step 1


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Whoever you are. YOU ARE THE BEST! it Worked!



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Glad to help!