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Updating eBay Order with Tracking Number

  • 1 June 2020
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I have a sequence of zaps that fire based on 2 separate streams.

Stream 1 - Order received (confirmed as paid) in eBay which triggers a Javascript to separate the first name from the last name and format the date.

This then ends until the order is flagged as shipped with the tracking number applied to the eBay order.

Then we move on to the next series of Zaps.

Stream 2 - Order updated in eBay to complete the process as:

  • Zap 1 - eBay > New Order
  • Zap 2 - Find an Order in eBay > (Customize Order: Start Date *Blank*, End Date *Blank*, Fulfillment Status *Fulfilled or In Progress*, Buyer Username *Buyer Username*)
  • Zap 3 - Lookup Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets
  • Zap 4 - Update Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets
  • Zap 5 - Run Javascript
  • Zap 6 - Create or Update Contact in HubSpot
  • Zap 7 - Create Deal in HubSpot
  • Zap 8 - Delay for 1 minute
  • Zap 9 - Add Contact to Deal in HubSpot
  • Zap 10 - Create/Update Contact in Xero

The process is breaking on Zap 2 in Stream 2 with the message “This step was safely halted because nothing was found in eBay”. However, when I run the sequence to collect the data to test the Zap, the process works fine. It’s just when it attempts to execute the process live that it falls over.

Should I have a delay in the sequence between Zap 1 and Zap 2 of Stream 2?

Has anyone had any success with a similar flow to capture the tracking number from an updated order in eBay?



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Solved -

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Ok… Waited to see what would happen. The delay didn’t function as anticipated so I’m looking at other filters to apply to this.

The next challenge is figuring out what the @3$% to do about the HubSpotCLIAPI@1.5.1 removal. This has seen the ability to associate a Contact to a Deal disappear.

Not a happy Zapper…


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Based on some feedback from Paul in the Zapier Support Team, I’ve added a delay between Zap 1 and Zap 2 in Stream 2 as a test and will report back here if this works.