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Update contact in Office 365

  • 15 January 2021
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I did not find the in the trigger event for Office 365, the function update contact. Can someone help ?


Best answer by SamB 7 February 2022, 15:14

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9 replies

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Hi @SylvainK 

To clarify, are you seeking a TRIGGER for Updated Contact or an ACTION to Update Contact?


If ACTION, then try the Outlook app instead which has an Update Contact action.


Hi Troy,

Thank you for your answer but I’m seeking a Trigger for updated contact. As I would like to update a contact in another database (BEXIO)

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Unfortunately that trigger is not yet available for Office 365 or Outlook.

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Hi @SylvainK!

Adding an Updated Contact trigger is something other users have asked for so I've gone ahead and added your vote for this feature request. 

When it gets implemented, we’ll notify you via email :)


Hi @nicksimard , can you please update us about the progress in adding the trigger ‘New or Updated Contact’ in Microsoft Office 365. I know it is already available for Google Contacts but I don’t understand why it is not yet the case for Office 365… Thank you.

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Hi @loic 

Most apps on Zapier are built and maintained by the app developers themselves, Zapier keeps an internal list of app requests, although unsure who owns the Microsoft Zap app integrations.

Hi @Troy Tessalone , great but how is that helping me with my issue?

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Merely providing context as to why the desired trigger is not available yet, as many folks don’t realize most Zap app integration fixes and updates are the responsibility of the app developer, rather than Zapier.

Either the Zap app integration owner is Microsoft and they have not updated their Zap app integration to make that trigger event available.
(Zapier shares feature requests and feedback with their Zap app partners.)

Or Zapier owns the Zap app integration and has deemed there is not enough demand to make that trigger event available due to prioritization yet.
(Zapier doesn’t provide timelines for when a feature/fix made be made available.)

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Thanks for reaching out about this @loic!

I’ve added your vote to the existing feature request. I don’t have any updates or estimates to share on when a “Updated Contact” trigger will be added, unfortunately. As we’ve got your vote added we’ll be able to email you the minute that trigger does get added! :)