Trigger Zap from Google Calendar invites

  • 18 November 2021
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I want to create a trigger based off a google calendar invite to attendees. It will be for a specific appointment type - as a matchmaker I set-up first dates.  


A day before the date, I would like a text to be sent introducing the two people to one another. I am fine signing up for a text platform yet need to make sure it will do this, hence the need for your expertise.


The day after the date, I want to send an email with the first date feedback form in it separately to the two attendees from the calendar invite.


Can you help me do this task?

7 replies

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Hey @ShannonL ,


Yes. i can help you with this. Shall we connect over DM?

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Hi Shannon,


I would love to be able to help you with this Zap. Please feel free to schedule a free 20-minute consultation using this link




Polygon Web Solutions

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Hi @ShannonL 

Consider hiring a Zapier Expert:



  1. Where are you storing the contact info (email and phone) for the attendees? (e.g. in a GSheet)
  2. For the SMS are you trying to have the 2 people on the same SMS chain?


Some apps you’ll want to consider as part of your Zaps

Looping: (to handle multiple recipients)

Delay: (to add delays)

Twilio: (to send SMS)

@jayeshkumarbhatia  - yes, let’s connect. When are you available on Monday 11/22?

@Troy Tessalone - yes, I can store the contacts on a google sheet or enter them in manually into the google calendar invite.  I would like the two people going on the event to receive / be on the same SMS chain.  What type of expert should I seek out?

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The bigger requirement to figure out is the group texting and which app to use for that as that’s more advanced functionality.

It’d be much simpler to send an SMS with the other person’s phone number, and let them take it from there.

@Troy Tessalone Right - I could live with that as a solution -- and if I want to go the extra step of a personal manual intro, I can do that. That would work for me!  Best next step?