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  • 26 January 2021
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I am trying to create a zap that will (1) trigger when my username is added to a trello card on a specific board and (2) create a todoist entry based on that card (3) ideally, but not necessarily, with any attachments carried over.

For (1) I am using the “new member added to card” trigger and adding a filter on my username. I looked at the trello activity trigger, but, oddly, it doesn’t seem to contain an action for identifying a user added to a card.

I am running into issues with (2) because there is no available data (for the todo title, etc.) other than the user’s full and account names and not anything about the card itself, which leads me to believe that I am looking at this trigger incorrectly. 

So… any ideas how to create a zap that sees I have been added to a card and creates a todoist task containing the card name and, if at all possible, any attachments?

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6 replies

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Hi @Crawford Long 

For #1

Instead try this trigger for Trello: New Activity

Filter by Type: addMemberToCard


Filter by your (user)name which will also be returned.


For #2

Other data points will be included about the Trello Card, which you can use for Todoist.

Thank you. That seems to have me 90% of the way there, though it’s a bit fudged for reasons that aren’t directly related to my original question (there are two possible ways to be added to a card in our setup, one of which is a custom field, so I appear to need two separate zaps). 

Ok, this doesn’t appear to be working as hoped.

  1. I have a Trello trigger on addMemberToCard
  2. I have a Zapier action filtering on 
    1. Type EQUALS addMemberToCard AND (not or)
    2. Card Members Username EQUALS [my username]
  3. Results:
    1. If I am not a member of a card, I get no notification (good!)
    2. If I am added to a card, I get a notification/todo (good!)
    3. If, after I am added to a card, another person is subsequently added, I also get a notification/todo (bad!)

I’m not sure if I’m misapplying the filter, but what I seem to be doing is “if there is an addmember event AND my name is present, execute the desired action” rather than “if there is an addmember event AND my name is the one that triggered the event, execute the desired action.” 

This could easily be user error with how I’m implementing the filter (though it seems odd that the initial Trello trigger will filter by board but not by the person added).

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@Crawford Long 

Take a look at the data points returned from the Trello Trigger.

Make sure you are using the correct ones as sometimes there can be similar data points returned.

The Member added to Card should only return 1 Member, whereas there many be another data point about the Card that returns all Members on the Card.

In the Filter action, the first filter is on the activity type, and the returned data is:

There is no Member Added To Card (or addMemberToCard) field (and I recognize that you weren’t necessarily providing the exact name of the data element). The field I think is what we’re looking for is unhelpfully named Member Username. Matching that against my username appears to be working. It is easy to mix that data element up with the list of card members.

Appreciate the help.

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@Crawford Long  Just checking in to see if you still need help with this?