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ThriveCart Zap to MemberVault Configuration

  • 28 August 2020
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If I have set up a 3 step zap, does someone who does the 2nd part of the zap (but not the first) still have the 3rd action happen to them or do I need to create that as a separate one? For clarity...the zap I am using now takes people who purchase in thrive cart and zaps them to membervault which then zaps them into my email. If someone purchases in membervault directly would they get the email zap? Thanks for your help!


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3 replies

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Zaps start from the Trigger (Step 1) and process thru the processing Action (Steps 2+).

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Hi Jewels!

I’m a fellow user here! To my knowledge, the person who joins through membervault (the second step of your zap) will not be sent the email (the third step of your zap).

The reason is because zapier launches the flow off the trigger (the first step of your zap). You could create a new zap for new membervault users:

New Zap Example to send emails to users entering through membervault:
Trigger - New membervault user
Action 1: Filter out any purchases from thrivecart
Action 2: Send email

Hope that helps!

Does that make sense?

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Yes that makes sense. I will set up a second one for that. I just wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be zapping them through both. Thanks!