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  • 23 December 2020
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Hello.  I have my SlickText set up to capture emails, and I need those emails sent to MailChimp with a tag added.  The problem is that SlickText does not offer to add a tag before sending to MailChimp.  How can I use Zapier to capture the email from SlickText, add one of my MailChimp Tags and send to MailChimp?  I am a new user and am very lost.

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5 replies

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Hey @LifeCoachBrookeCollins,

as I see it you can achieve this by using the following Zap:

  • Trigger: SlickText - Opt in Contact
  • Action: Mailchimp - Add/Update Subscriber

In the Action part, you can also add additional attributes to your users. Let me know if this helps if I should go deeper ideally provide some screenshots.

Thank you.  When I go to put in SlickText for the Trigger it says No Triggers Available for SlickText.  Is this telling me that the integration does not work with SlickText or am I doing it wrong?

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@LifeCoachBrookeCollins Oh so sorry. You are right! It does not have a trigger. Is there any possibility to export the data directly from SlickText? For example, post it to slack or send an email notification? You could use this to send data forward to mailchimp

Thanks @Ennes!  Yes, I can easily export the data from SlickText and into MailChimp but I was hoping to automate it.  I was looking into WebHooks but wasn’t sure if that was the right track.  

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Hey @LifeCoachBrookeCollins - I think you were on the right track here. You can see that there’s a guide on this, here:


Let me know if that solves your issue!