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  • 25 January 2021
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Hello! We have an App in the Shopify store. When new folks sign up to our app, we go into Shopify developer, get their email, then manually add them as a user in Intercom.

We do this because we have our email drip campaigns set up in Intercom.

I see you can use Zapier to connect Intercom with Shopify... But is it possible to connect Intercom with Shopify Developer (or at least to get the details or folks who sign up to our app)?

Thank you!!

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3 replies

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@harryuff Were you ever able to get this to work?

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Hey @harryuff,

thank you for your question and welcome.

What you are describing sounds like something that you can do with Zapier. I think, in essence, you just want people that sign up on your Shopify page to also be created or updated in Intercom, right? Both of these Apps are available in Zapier and you can create a Zap for this workflow, see here.

You would use the following setup:

  1. Trigger: Shopify - New Customer
  2. Action: Intercom - Create User OR Update User (depending on if you already have the user in Intercom)

I would suggest you get a Zapier Account and setup the Zap for this. If you run into problems feel free to post again :)

Thanks but it’s not my “Shopify page” --- they’re signing up to our Shopify app…

For this Zap to work, I’m pretty sure Zapier would need to support “Shopify Developer” as opposed to just “Shopify”, so don’t think this would work.

I’ll test but think I’m possibly out of luck until Zapier supports Shopify Developer