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  • 3 December 2020
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I want to create a zap that allows me to create a post on Google My Business from an RSS Feed

I managed to create zaps for 5 social networks without any problem, but there is nothing for GMB.

How can I do it?

Is it possible to create one? If yes, how?

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6 replies

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[ADVANCED] May have to leverage the GMB API:

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Zapier can’t currently post to Google My Business, only reply to reviews. There are a number of users asking for such a feature, however. If you write into support your email could be added to the list of interested customers, meaning you’ll get a message when the feature launches. Sadly we can't give you a timeline for when that will be. 

I hope this is helpful! Please feel free to follow up with any other questions. 

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@jpot Your comment should be directed at @Netoffensive 

@jpot @Netoffensive So Yes, No…...No Zapier doesn’t have this functionality in its current app, but Yes you can still use an API call like @Troy Tessalone proposes.

Normally you would need to create a private app for this @Netoffensive  to get oAuth2 for the Google Account working. Now this isn’t a big issue and this can be created pretty easily. However, you can also use some other services and connect it to Zapier.

@ForYourIT   will soon write a post about this in the community. Let them know if you want any help with this.

Hey Vincent, unfortunately posting to GMB is not supported on Zapier.

However, you can auto-post to GMB from an RSS feed using OneUp. It even supports automatically adding CTA buttons on each post from the RSS feed.

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@Netoffensive - If you need someone to build this for you (paid), feel free to reach out to me:

I’ve worked with GMB API before and it’s possible to create a custom integration to add a Create Post action step.